View From The Top -13 Things I Can See Clearly Now!

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 Don’t Be So Busy “Scaling The Mountain” You Are Blind To The Journey

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1. The “small” stuff is small stuff. Things you thought mattered, DON’T .Dirty dishes, don’t matter,  playing on the floor with the kids,matters.Time is currency invest in your kids now, the dishes will still be there.                                                            IMG_6073

2. Don’t care what people think of you, they probably don’t. Oh boy, how many of us”climbing the hill” make decision’s based on what other people think? Or worse, what we think other people think. It’s your life, it only matters what you think. The funny thing is, when you stand up and don’t care what other people think,they will change what they think anyway.Be bold!

3. Kids arent here to fulfill your dreams, they are here to fulfill their own. You wanted a football star, they want to be a writer, so what, it’s their life, support their dreams and hopes.

IMG_61184. From the top, you can see the train coming. Red flags really are red flags,so get off the track!!

5. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them” Oprah Winfrey. If someone gossips to you, cheats someone else,  treats people like shit,or stabs you in the back, they are showing you who they are, it’s just a matter of time before they are doing the same to you.

6. Live a healthy lifestyle. How you look and feel at the top of the hill has everything to do with what you did on your way up! It does matter if your happy, if you exercise, what you eat, what you smoke and what you drink. Do you take care of your skin?Your brain health? Your happiness?Don’t believe, “I’m young, I will worry about it later” later gets here before you know it.Be pro-active,look good ,feel good, start now!

7. Time is valuable. Don’t waste time on BS! Who has time to spend doing something you hate,  or spending time with people you don’t admire or respect?Do you really want to Veg Out in front of the T.V? Or listen to someone complain about the same thing over and over, wasting your time? You can’t get this time back.Play with those babies, read a book, take a class, color, spend time with friends who are happy and positive!

8. How you feel about yourself when you lay your head on the pillow at night matters!

9. Don’t Sell Your Soul. Whether you sell your soul for 1.00$ or a million dollars, you’ve still sold your soul and you can’t buy it back!

10. People don’t come “In and Out” of your life, they cycle through, like a corkscrew. It matters how you treat EVERYONE along the way,remember, they will be back, and they do remember.

Decisions Determine Destiny
Decisions Determine Destiny

11. You are the sum of the choices you’ve made along the way. Integrity, honor, honesty all matter no matter how old you are, it adds up. The choices you make either boost your self esteem or destroy it, who do you want to be in your eyes?

12. Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. You dont really know a person until you’ve seen how they handle adversity, whether it’s their adversity or yours. Were they there for you after your illness? Divorce? A death?  Did they get a divorce and try to destroy the other person?How do they treat their kids? Their parents? Their friends? One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone says about someone who destroys someone else “well, they are nice to me” really?

13. Let go of the outcome. Practice, pray,work,do, just let go of the outcome.When you release the energy you are spending trying to control the outcome YOU want, you release the pressures on yourself and actually allow more energy to flow into what you are doing.When I let go of the outcome,the outcome is better than anything I could have imagined!

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