The Good, The Bad And 5 Tips To Avoid The Ugly

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We all know by now that life, lifestyle and foods all determine how we look and how we feel. As I see it, we have 2 choices when it comes to health and beauty. We can make choices to be an ageless beauty, and make choices for healthy skin, which means a healthy body, or, we can make choices to age our skinĀ and bodies faster. The choice is ours. Five choices to avoid if you want to be the best you at any age!

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  1. We know by now smoking is the WORST choice we could make for our health and beauty. It constricts blood vessels which provide oxygen to your cells, skin is cells, so smoking basically “suffocates” your skin.Not to mention, the “puffing” and puckering of your lips over a period of time leaves you with “smokers lips.”
  2. Dehydration, just think of a raisin and it’s clear how important water and hydration is. What dehydrates us? Alcohol, exercise, illness and aging. Aging inhibits our bodies ability to conserve water. Alcohol causes our bodies to flush fluids. Exercise is great, just remember to hydrate!
  3. Lack of sleep affects all aspects of your life and health, and skin is no exception. Our bodies repair our organs and cells as we sleep. A minimum of seven hours per night is recommended for healthier skin, and not to mention a way better attitude!
  4. And we can’t forget, garbage in, garbage out. We really are what we eat!! I envision the food I eat as my little army, taking care of my skin, my health and my attitude. When I eat crap, my “army” is slow, lazy and blocking my body from doing its job which means, clogging pores and depriving healthy cell renewal.
  5. So exercise.Keep the blood flowing, drink your water (8-8oz glasses a day), sleep, have that glass of wine but don’t forget to have your water, and eat those fruits and veggies, they are key antioxidants and keep our body and skin from oxidating (just think of a sliced apple) And sleep, it is THE most important part of the day, sweet dreams and ageless skin!

Sheryl Scott

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14 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad And 5 Tips To Avoid The Ugly

  1. Sheryl, I love your tips, but I do have a problem with 7+ hours of sleep. If I can get 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep a night, I celebrate. 7 hours or more is strictly fantasy. Mostly, I get up 2x during the night and have no problems falling back asleep. But I can’t even drug myself into sleeping that long, because sooner or later my hips start to ache and it’s time to get my happy butt out of bed.

  2. You nailed it girl.. and man, if there was a magic pill so we didn’t LOOK our age.. I would be all over it. I drink plenty of water, don’t smoke, eat pretty well and exercise daily.. and sleep pretty well.. but damned if I still don’t get older every year. What a rip off! lol

  3. Thanks for all the tips. It’s hardest for me to remember to drink water in the winter. I choose hot beverages and then get to the end of the day and realize I skipped water. Trying to remedy that!

  4. Like how boiling it down to these 5 things can impact every aspect of our health, skin, bodies & life. My body determines the amount of sleep I get and lately has been taking 8 hours. Always surprised when that happens. Water intake fluctuates as does exercise, so I see my tasks cut out for me in year ahead.

  5. This is a great list of 5 things you can do to help your skin and your overall health! I started doing a better job of this in 2012 when I realized I needed to keep my core strong in order to take care of our farm and animals, and to be able to quickly lift my accordion on stage (sometimes play it for 1 or more hours straight while standing and singing) when we are performing (Depending on music in our set, I switch from guitar to accordion, then back to guitar. Lots of lifting). Started exercising again. Then everything else followed. Eating better, drinking more water, etc.!

  6. I almost never get seven hours of sleep–even if I’m in bed for seven hours. I’ve never been a good sleeper (inherited from my tired parents). However, I do try to follow the other steps you outlined. My favorite is the tip on drinking water. If I don’t drink enough water, I notice it everywhere–skin, brain, mouth, and my colon!

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