5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur..

5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrpreneur1


“They are energetic, and a higher percentage tend to be loners and work long hours. All of these things appear in other segments of the population, but they appear more commonly among entrepreneurs.”Entrepreneurs are different.” They have the ability to deal with uncertainty, to take risks and tolerate ambiguity. They usually have a personality that is mercurial, and they have highs that are really high and lows that are really low. There’s good evidence that they have strong self-confidence but also tend to be overoptimistic. They rely extensively on their own intuition.”  James V. Koch.  Old Dominion University


1. If you had a lemonade stand, You might be an entrepreneur.

Were you the kid hustling the neighborhood for money?? Carnivals, lemonade stands, clubs, etc? You just did it, correct? Me too! The other kids paid ME to be a part of my shenanigans, It was my challenge to see how much money I could make, and how many ways.



shutterstock_entrepreneur jumping2. If you don’t like to be bossed around, you might be an entrepreneur.

Can’t stand the idea of a  9-5 job for and hourly wage, being told what to do and when to do it?  If you don’t like anyone telling you how much your time is worth? You don’t mind hard work and long hours, but not building someone else’s dream. Time is currency, and you want to spend it your way, doing something that inspires and excites you!

3. If you say  “YES” first, then figure it out, you might be an entrepreneur.

In my latest adventure, I said ‘YES” and had no idea what the product was and no experience in the industry. Once I  tried the product and became a raving fan, I built a business, made mistakes,  and learned along the way, it was fun, competitive, exciting, and great income!! I was Optimistic, it didn’t dawn on me it wouldn’t be successful. Take a risk! Jump, and build your wings along the way!!

4. If you prefer individual sports, you might be an entrepreneur.

Oh yes, being competitive is helpful in many endeavors, entrepreneurship is one of them. Softball, basketball, and other team sports are fun, but you are dependent on other people for  success.”The Team” has to show up. The team has to practice. The team has to care. Success is up to The team. Individual sports like racquetball, tennis, running, skiing, and golf, to name a few, success and “failure” is up to you! You practice for you, you train for you, you succeed or “fail” because of you. The desire to work long hours towards a goal is a valuable entrepreneurial trait.

shutterstock_bad student5. If you sucked at school, you might be an entrepreneur.

….Not because you weren’t smart, you probably couldn’t sit still, were busy daydreaming, and frankly, school was boring. An Entrepreneur is not going to “follow the status Quo” you are NOT a follower, and get bored easily if something isn’t relevant to you…You love learning, but you want to learn stuff that excites you, inspires you and is relevant to your life now!

Ask your friends if they had a lemonade stand…see if there is a “trend.”


Sheryl Scott


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2 thoughts on “5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur..

  1. Yep~ ALL of the above except bad a school. :) Creating work and income has always just made sense to me. I have never worked for someone else and I can’t imagine having my time owned. And yes, the hours are long sometimes, but I can play whenever I want too. Great post!

  2. Erika Kalmar says:

    I love your humorous way of tackling that! My fave is #3. It reminds me of Star Wars creator George Lucas who, back in the 70’s, was asked if he can indeed create that imaginary world using technology. He said yes, but in that moment, he had not the faintest idea, how he would do that. Still, the Star Wars series was not only one of the most innovative films of the 70’s and 80’s, but one of the biggest financial successes…

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