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The Good, The Bad And 5 Tips To Avoid The Ugly

We all know by now that life, lifestyle and foods all determine how we look and how we feel. As I see it, we have 2 choices when it comes to health and beauty. We can make choices to be an ageless beauty, and make choices for healthy skin, which means a healthy body, or, Read More

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5 Ways Surf Camp,Turned Me From A Heartbroken Crybaby, To Badass!

A year of heartache and pain was long enough to mourn my divorce, it was time to get tough, it was time to have a talk with myself.. “Self, what the hell are you doing and why are you letting this event define you and your happiness? Stop being a heartbroken crybaby and do something” Read More


Suddenly Divorced? How To Avoid These 5 Pitfalls.

SURPRIZE! I was divorced at 41, remarried the same man, then divorced¬†again at 50, from the same man..(yep, I did that). It sucked, it was scary, my “dream life” had turned into a nightmare and I had to start over, again. ¬†I realized; this wasn’t my dress rehearsal, this was real life and it was Read More