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How Boomers Are Making The Best Of Every Age!

“Pro-aging” is  making the most of the age you are! Here are a few of my tips for finding your FIERCE self. Body Think  “Is this the fuel my body needs to operate at it’s best?” Place purpose behind what you eat. You’ve heard about the benefits of ANTIOXIDANTS? These powerful substances, which  come from the Read More

5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrpreneur1

5 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur..

  “They are energetic, and a higher percentage tend to be loners and work long hours. All of these things appear in other segments of the population, but they appear more commonly among entrepreneurs.”Entrepreneurs are different.” They have the ability to deal with uncertainty, to take risks and tolerate ambiguity. They usually have a personality Read More

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View From The Top -13 Things I Can See Clearly Now!

 Don’t Be So Busy “Scaling The Mountain” You Are Blind To The Journey 1. The “small” stuff is small stuff. Things you thought mattered, DON’T .Dirty dishes, don’t matter,  playing on the floor with the kids,matters.Time is currency invest in your kids now, the dishes will still be there.                Read More